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A visionary team with a talent for creating inclusive spaces that center

the participation and perspectives of non-dominant communities

BVU leadership offers exceptionality at curating cultural experiences and breaking down the barriers that often prevent communities of color from fully engaging in policies and practices that impact how they live, work, play and pray.  

Our gifting centers around working with community partners, non-profit organizations, educational agencies and elected officials to craft a strategic plan on how best to engage employees, communities, students and families of color, with an emphasis on the Black/African American community. 

We partner to guide these entities in re-imaging their commitment to establishing community partnerships and the impact of building authentic relationships with the communities they serve. 

Our effort is about empowering historically underrepresented communities by providing safe spaces for the celebration of their lived experiences, voter education, educational advocacy and civic leadership. 

We imagine an Oregon that is not only inclusive but that seeks to make space for the voices that are missing from our tables. A more informed citizen, a more empowered parent, a more knowledgeable student makes for a greater discussion and presents multiple pathways for building a stronger community. 

Experienced Leadership

Nichole Watson, EdD(c) [she/her/hers] is a doctoral candidate at Lewis & Clark College. Her research explores school climate and culture featuring non-dominant scholars. She is dedicated to developing a climate index that guides district and school leaders in assessing, evaluating and transforming the climate on their campuses to one that is conducive for students and families of color. 


 Nichole possesses extensive experience in curating candidate forums, town halls, community dialogues and healing circles that center community resilience, Restorative Practice, counter-storytelling, reshaping harmful narratives and building capacity to hold multiple perspectives

As a classroom teacher and dynamic educational leader, she is passionate about student, parent and teacher voice.  

Her approach is radical in pioneering inclusive practices that empower students and parents to engage on the

campuses that serve them. 

Nichole holds a Bachelors degree in Social Science and a Masters degree in education. She has completed the coursework for a doctorate in educational leadership which earns her the status of ABD (All But Dissertation). It is her goal to defend her dissertation in the spring of 2020.


As the founder of Black Voices United, Nichole is a valuable resource to her community and the organizations seeking to do the deeply personal racial work of walking the walk of inclusive practice, policies and politics. Her deep commitment and understand of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is centerd through #HeartWork, which envelopes love and human compassion to foster community resilience and personal connection.

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